Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You Can Do Something About Reflux

Reflux Oesophagitis, better known as Reflux is when acid travels from stomach to the food pipe or Oesophagus. Usual symptoms are heart burns, bad taste in the mouth due to regurgitation, cough or/and chest tightness.

Complications include Cancer of Oesophagus, Asthma type illness or Pneumonia.

What you can do is to recognize it and do the following:

  • Sleep at 30 degree angle with the head end of bed raised or get a wedge. Sleeping with 1 pillow under the upper back and 2 pillows under the head may or may not help.
  • Avoid Spicy hot foods, Colas, Coffee, Tea and Caffeine at night time.
  • Chocolate can worsen Reflux as well.
  • Stop eating about 2 hrs before bed time.
  • Reduce Weight and be at a look out for Sleep Apnea, that can worsen Reflux.
  • Avoid getting Constipated and avoid tight at waist clothing.
  • Expect Reflux to get worse with Pregnancy.
  • Over the counter medicines might help. Mylanta or Maalox are good as needed medicines and Prilosec is better if taken regularly. Ask Physician before taking any medicine if Pregnant.
  • If symptoms persist seek medical Advice, sooner the better.

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